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The Village Office is a service center in the Village, central to all activities in the Village, whether in the areas of Government, Empowerment, Development or Coaching, all centered in the Village Office.

The existence and condition of a village office can reflect the identity of the village itself, and it is not uncommon for the community to see the office alone to determine the value of a village as a whole. Because of this, it is not wrong if in the village government to program a proper office construction.

A decent office is an office that is good for service and provides a sense of comfort for every citizen who wants to report or simply request a mailing service, and also the Village office can be said to be appropriate if the office makes it feel good for the village head and all the devices .

In the village of Lenek Pesiraman, in order to improve the service, the Office of the Village of Lenek Pesiraman has also been rehabilitated to improve services that are appropriate for every citizen with a definition that has been described above.

that's some pictures of the stages of the work of the Lenek Pesiraman village office which is expected to provide comfort for every citizen who wants better service.

By having rehabilitated the village office, it was also able to have a positive impact on all residents of the village of Lenek Pesiraman as a village identity that could be a protector for all residents, especially residents of Lenek Pesiraman Village.best business lawyers near me

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