West Virginia Southern Regional Highway Safety Program

Child Passenger Safety

The Southern Regional Highway Safety Program is a dedicated advocate for Child Passenger Safety. The SRHSP is active in community efforts to educate and inform the public on the correct methods to secure children in safety seats while travelling in a vehicle. Resources through the SRHSP target the enforcement of child passenger safety laws. We also promote child safety seat classes, child safety seat technician training, informational booths, clinics, and safety checks. We utilize medical offices, hospitals, schools, and community events to inform parents who need guidance on WV Laws or assistance in the correct installation of a child safety seat.

WV Kids must be in a proper rear facing child safety seat until they reach 2 years of age; or as long as the specifications on the seat allow. All children must be secured in a proper child safety seat until they reach the age of 8 years old OR reach the height of 4’ 9” tall; at which time they may use a lap and shoulder belt. If your child is under the age of 8 or has not reached the height of 4’9” tall and is not in a proper child safety seat, then you are in violation of the WV Child Restraint Law. You may click here to view a guide to match the proper height/weight/age of your child to the proper type of child safety seat you should be using. Remember, the safest place for your child to ride is in the back seat; it is recomended that children 12 and under ride in the back seat.

Please refer to your child safety seat instructions as well as your vehicle owner’s manual for proper child safety seat installation. If you need further information, refer to the links on this page. If you need further assistance or guidance in child safety seat installation, or just want to make sure your seat is installed correctly for your child, then you may contact the following:

Southern Regional Highway Safety Office: 304-256-1715

Beckley Fire Department: 304-256-1780

(Appointments may be scheduled with the Beckley Fire Department so that you may bring in your vehicle along with your child safety seat and have a certified child safety seat technician instruct and assist you in the correct installation of your seat. These appointments may be scheduled every Tuesday between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon. You must call 304-256-1780 in advance to schedule your child safety seat installation.)


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