West Virginia Southern Regional Highway Safety Program


The SRHSP provides supplemental funding to assist local agencies in placing more officers on the roadways; thereby making our roadways safer for all of us to travel. The additional funding is essential to most agencies needing support to be able to sustain the additional manpower. With the much needed funding that is supplied to these agencies, they are able to participate in a wide range of local and national enforcement campaigns and patrols that normally would not be available to them. Some of the funding is geared toward the following enforcement:


DUI Patrols, DUI Checkpoints, Seat Belt Checkpoints, Safety Checkpoints, Distracted Driving, Click it or Ticket, Target Red, Aggressive Driving, Speed Patrols, School Zone Patrols, Child Passenger Safety, ATV Safety Patrols, School Bus Safety, and Underage Alcohol Stings.


Funding is also provided in conjunction with National Campaigns such as Click it or Ticket and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. The seat belt law became a Primary Offense in WV in July 2013 after years of being only a secondary offense. The new Primary Offense enables law enforcement to initiate a traffic stop if they simply observe the violation, as opposed to needing another violation for the stop if it were a secondary offense. Law Enforcement Agencies across West Virginia join law enforcement agencies throughout the nation to participate in these national enforcement efforts to crack down on Impaired Driving and those who fail to buckle up.


Target Red is a statewide enforcement campaign that was initially launched in Beckley, WV in 2008 by the SRHSP and the Beckley Police Department. The campaign was born as a result of a serious traffic accident in Beckley caused by a red light violation. The goal of the campaign was to target problem red light intersections and crack down hard on red light violators; thereby reducing the number of violations, crashes, property damage, injuries and fatalities as a result of those violations. The Target Red Campaign is unique in that it incorporates a strong community effort in conjunction with enforcement and a media blitz to attack the number one cause of crashes across our nation- red light running. Based on the success, community involvement, and media attention of the first Target Red campaign in Beckley, funding was provided to law enforcement agencies throughout our state to conduct the Target Red Campaign each year in their respective jurisdictions. It has proven to be a vital tool in reducing intersection crashes and educating the public to the dangers of red light running

Distracted Driving Enforcement is enforced across the state with a major enforcement blitz in April; sustained enforcement is conducted throughout the year by agencies attempting to impact the distracted driving problem. The Driving with a Hand Held Device law became a Primary Offense in July of 2013. Distracted Driving is listed as the leading cause of crashes in surveys across the country.

In addition to the national and state enforcement blitzes, funding is made available to local agencies in an effort to supply additional manpower for extra highway safety patrols and checkpoints throughout the year.


The Southern Regional Highway Safety Program serves Webster, Pocahontas, Braxton, Nicholas, Fayette, Greenbrier, and Raleigh Counties. The following law enforcement agencies are included within those boundaries:


(City Police Departments): Alderson PD, Ansted PD, Beckley PD, Burnsville PD, Camden-on-Gauley PD, Cowen PD, Fayetteville PD, Flatwoods PD, Gassaway PD, Gauley Bridge PD, Lester PD, Lewisburg PD, Mabscott PD, Marlinton PD, Montgomery PD, Mount Hope PD, Oak Hill PD, Quinwood PD, Rainelle PD, Rhodell PD, Richwood PD, Ronceverte PD, Smithers PD, Sophia PD, Summersville PD, Sutton PD, Webster Springs PD, White Sulphur Springs PD, WVU Tech PD.


(County Sheriff's Departments): Braxton County Sheriff's Office, Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office, Nicholas County Sheriff's Office, Pocahontas County Sheriff's Office, Raleigh County Sheriff's Office, Webster County Sheriff's Office.