West Virginia Southern Regional Highway Safety Program

News & Events

  • Child Safety Seat Installation- Weekly Checks in Beckley - Every Tuesday - 9 am until 12 noon, by appointment only @ Beckley Fire Dept

    Child Safety Seat Check every Tuesday at the Beckley Fire Department on Third Avenue in Beckley from 9 AM until Noon. Bring your safety seat in and have a certified Child Safety Seat Technician assist you and give instructions on the proper installation and usage of your seat. By appointment only; Call 304-256-1780.

  • WV Hand Held Device (Cell Phone) Law

    Hand Held Device (Cell Phone) while Driving Law in WV: The hand held device law in WV can be summarized by stating that it is illegal for any person to be using a hand held device while driving. This includes both texting and talking on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. This is now a Primary Offense in West Virginia, meaning law enforcement only needs to observe you with the hand held device while driving to initiate a traffic stop. Click here to view the WV Code 17C-15-14.


  • WV Seat Belt Law

    The WV Seat Belt Law states that all persons in the front seat must be secured by a properly approved seat belt, as well as all persons in the back seat under the age of 18. The Seat Belt Law in West Virginia is now a Primary Offense; meaning that law enforcement needs only to observe you without your seat belt buckled to initiate a traffic stop. Click here to view the WV Seat Belt Law 17C-15-49.

  • WV Child Safety Seat Law

    Click here to view the WV Child Safety Seat Law.

  • WV DUI Law

    Click here to view the code for the WV DUI Law.

  • Battle of the Belts-High School Seat Belt Challenge - March 16-31, 2015

    Ten local high schools in our region will be battling it out to see who can attain the highest percentage of seat belt use among students, faculty, and parents. Winning schools will be awarded 1st-$1500, 2nd-$1000, 3rd-$750, and 4th place-$500.

  • Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign - April 10-25, 2015

    The WV Statewide Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign will be conducted in April to crack down on cell phone usage while driving; the #1 cause of crashes in the US.

  • Click It or Ticket Campaign - May 11-25, 2015

    The annual Click It or Ticket (CIOT) Enforcement Campaign in WV will be conducted May 11-25, 2015. The motoring public is always encouraged to wear their seat belts, your #1 defense in the event of a crash.

  • Target Red Campaign - August 1-15, 2015

    The annual Target Red Campaign will be enforced throughout West Virginia August 1-15, 2015 to crack down on red light runners.

  • Child Safety Seat Technician Class - May 5-8, 2015

    A Child Safety Seat Technician Class will be conducted at the Beckley Fire Department on Eisenhower Drive May 5-8, 2015 from 8 am until 4 pm. Students will become certified as Child Passenger Safety Seat Technicians after the successful completion of this class, having had extensive instruction and hands on field practice with the correct installation of child safety seats. The class is sponsored and run by the SRHSP with certified instructors from the WV Governor's Highway Safety Office. For more information on the class, call 304-256-1715 and speak with SRHSP Assistant Tiffany Crawford.

  • Blitz 60 Enforcement - June 12-20, 2015

    Blitz 60 will be a concentrated effort by law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction along Route 60 to crack down on Impaired and Reckless Driving from June 12-20, 2015. Multiple agencies will particpate in the organized, saturated patrols along the length of Route 60 in WV both day and night in an effort to make the roadway safer to travel.

  • STING 19 - July 1-5, 2015

    STING 19 will be a concentrated effort by multiple law enforcement agencies along Route 19 to crack down on Impaired and Reckless Drivers from July 1-5, 2015.