West Virginia Southern Regional Highway Safety Program

News & Events

  • Child Safety Seat Installation- Weekly Checks in Beckley - Every Tuesday - 9 am until 12 noon, by appointment only @ Beckley Fire Dept

    Child Safety Seat Check every Tuesday at the Beckley Fire Department on Third Avenue in Beckley from 9 AM until Noon. Bring your safety seat in and have a certified Child Safety Seat Technician assist you and give instructions on the proper installation and usage of your seat. By appointment only; Call 304-256-1780.

  • WV Hand Held Device (Cell Phone) Law

    Hand Held Device (Cell Phone) while Driving Law in WV: The hand held device law in WV can be summarized by stating that it is illegal for any person to be using a hand held device while driving. This includes both texting and talking on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. This is now a Primary Offense in West Virginia, meaning law enforcement only needs to observe you with the hand held device while driving to initiate a traffic stop. Click here to view the WV Code 17C-15-14.


  • SRHSP 2013 Awards Banquet - December 19, 2013

    The 2013 annual SRHSP Awards Banquet was held on December 19, 2013. The event recognized the top officers and departments in Region 7. Click here for story.

  • WV “Highway2Enforcement” 2014 State DUI Conference - May 21-23, 2014

    The West Virginia Highway2Enforcement State DUI Conference will be held at Glade Springs on May 21-23, 2014. Click here to visit the website and find out details.

  • WV Seat Belt Law

    The WV Seat Belt Law states that all persons in the front seat must be secured by a properly approved seat belt, as well as all persons in the back seat under the age of 18. The Seat Belt Law in West Virginia is now a Primary Offense; meaning that law enforcement needs only to observe you without your seat belt buckled to initiate a traffic stop. Click here to view the WV Seat Belt Law 17C-15-49.

  • WV Child Safety Seat Law

    Click here to view the WV Child Safety Seat Law.

  • WV DUI Law

    Click here to view the code for the WV DUI Law.

  • Battle of the Belts-High School Seat Belt Challenge - March 17-28, 2014

    The Battle of the Belts High School Seat Belt Challenge is a competition among several area high schools competing for the highest overall seat belt usage percentage rate. The surveys will be conducted between March 17-28, 2014. Winning schools will receive a check for 1st: $1500, 2nd: $1000, 3rd: $750.

  • CIOT Wave Enforcement - March 7-23, 2014

    Law Enforcement across West Virginia will increase patrols for a wave of CIOT enforcement March 7-23 to increase seat belt usage in the Mountain State. The large scale CIOT Blitz will be enforced in May.