Law Security Hanover Pa

Law Security Hanover Pa

Law Security Hanover Pa

In this case, I will explain just a little about the threats that are often seen:


The Virus Principle is a program that can develop by multiplying itself. Through this self-replication mechanism, the virus mechanism is used for various types of computer system Law Security Hanover Pa threats, such as: displaying a particular message, damaging the file system, stealing data, to controlling the user's computer. Virus can replicate itself via e-mail, document files and program files. application.

Email Virus

A type of virus that is inserted in an email attachment. If the attachment is opened it will infect the computer. The virus program will register the user's email account address list. The virus will automatically copy itself and send an email to the list of e-mail accounts. Generally it will send mass e-mail, fulfill network traffic, make the computer slow and make down e-mail servers.

Internet worms

A worm is a type of program that can copy and send itself via an Internet network communication path. Generally attacks through computer OS OS vulnerabilities. The worm is able to send data packets continuously to certain sites via LAN / Internet connection lines. The effect is to make network traffic full, slow down connections and make slow / hang the user's computer. Worms can spread via e-mail or certain document files.


Spam is a kind of commercial e-mail that becomes junk mail (junkmail). Spammers can send millions of emails via the internet for the benefit of product promotion / specific info. The effect is very disruptive to the user's email and potentially also brings viruses / worms / trojans.

Trojan Horse

A Trojan is a hidden program in a particular application. Generally hidden in certain applications such as: game software, program updates, etc. If active, the program will generally send data packets via the internet to certain servers / sites, or steal your computer data and send it to certain sites. The effect will fulfill communication channels, slow down connections, make the computer hang, and potentially make your computer a source of Denidal Of Services Attack.


Spyware is a program that aims to infiltrate certain ads (adware) or retrieve important information on a user's computer. Spyware has the potential to disrupt the user's comfort and steal certain data on the user's computer to be sent to hackers. The effect of spyware will consume computer memory so that the computer becomes slow or hangs

Brute-force attack

A brute-force attack is an attack technique on a computerLaw Security Hanover Pa system that uses experiments on all possible keys. This approach initially referred to a computer program that relied on computer processing power compared to human intelligence. For example, to solve a quadratic equation like x² + 7x-44 = 0, where x is an integer, using a brute-force attack technique, the user is only required to create a program that tries all possible integer values ??for the equation to the value x as the answer appears. The term brute force itself was popularized by Kenneth Thompson, with his motto: "When in doubt, use brute-force" (if in doubt, use brute-force). The most widely used technique is to crack passwords, keys, codes or combinations. The workings of this method are very simple: try all possible combinations. A password can be uninstalled using a program called a password cracker. The password cracker program is a program that tries to open a password that has been encrypted using a certain algorithm by trying all the possibilities. This technique is very simple, but the effectiveness is extraordinary, and there is no single system that is safe from this attack, although this technique takes a very long time, especially for complicated passwords.

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