Do Simple Things On The Internet And Earn Free Google Play Credit

Google’s opinion rewards the app in Google play store offers you surveys that can earn you free Google play credits. These are available only for android users, and there are lots of ways where you can end up getting a free credit. You can, most of the time, earn it by answering simple survey questions and telling something about yourself.

How to earn Google play credit

With mobile games getting popular with the youth, earning Google credits has become the need of the hour because you need to pay for games that are in the play store, and if you have the right amount of play credits, you can use it to buy these games or unlock the premium features of the game. Sometimes you can earn the credit by:

  • Answering survey questions
  • Watching a game
  • Watching advertisements
  • Shopping online
  • Sharing on the social media platform
  • When most people use the Google search engine, the Bing of Microsoft pays you if you use it as a search engine. You don’t need to replace it with Google. You need to search a day with Bing, and after some time, you can earn enough to redeem it.
  • Register your chrome cast devices to your google home app and get rewarded
  • Register your Samsung device for¬†free google play credit¬†Insta GC, the GC here stands for gift cards, and you can get paid for doing some simple things on the internet.

By doing all these things, you can add free play credit to your account and redeem it when necessary. So it is simple and easy to earn your free play credit from Google, and you can use this to either buy games of your choice or unlock your game further.