How to Get PayPal Money

Everyone needs some money, and the easier it is to make it, the better! There is a myriad of ways to make money in the modern world, and taking advantage of all these ways will do greater good to your quality of life. Everyone is currently trying to diversify their portfolio; this means increasing revenue streams, so why get left behind?

You can make money on the internet through several ways, one of them being via PayPal.

PayPal helps process money transfers between two or more people online.

Did you know that you could earn some free money on PayPal? Well, here is the deal. Do some simple tasks as illustrated below and you are good to go ways to make money from home.


Surveys are a common way of earning money if you are any good with the internet or have ever searched for the topic of making money online. A huge number of survey websites and apps, on completion, will pay you in points, which can be changed to PayPal money or gift cards.

Surveys pay you around $0.01 per survey, which is equivalent to a point. However, it is worth noting that not all surveys pay the same and it will depend on the app or website.

Watching Videos

People get paid just to watch videos online. This works through a couple of platforms offering money for videos watched and reviews left on these videos.

Some platforms will just want information on what you are watching, and they will pay you at least $50 a year. Other platforms will pay you to go to the theatre, watch a couple of videos, collect some data, and get your money.

Some companies will pay you to watch previews, celebrity videos, and other kinds of videos for money.

You can also join focus groups and provide information related to movies for a cheque through PayPal.

Mystery Shopping

There are options to get paid through shopping. There are a couple of ways you can make money here, one of which is being a mystery shopper.

This is where companies use shoppers to gauge customer service levels and acquire some information about products and service delivery. A mystery shopper is sent to various businesses, including stores, restaurants, banks, apartment complexes, and anywhere a customer can be found.

After you do some shopping, you will get paid in several ways to change to PayPal cash after.

Cash Rebates

This is a concept based on getting refunds on certain purchases. Dependent on different offers, cash backs, and discounts, you can save money through certain apps and websites. Most of these cash backs come directly to your PayPal account.

You have to get these apps or their extension to your browser, where you will be informed about any price drops cash back offers.

Other companies will pay you just to walk into stores and scan through items, make in-app purchases, or submit receipts.


Some sites pay you to make referrals. Here, you can refer as many friends as you can, then get your money through your PayPal account. A great example of this type of account is 20 cogs.

Internet Usage

Certain companies will pay you to monitor your internet usage. Apart from internet usage, companies may also gather information on the different brands you use. all you have to do is download and register an app or website, then, you will give them access to your phone internet usage. As simple as that, your PayPal account will be rewarded with some cash.

Phone Ads

Certain companies will give phone users money for placing ads on their phones. What happens is a company will place ads as long as your screen is locked. They will then pay you depending on the number of times you unlock your phone. The money may not be as much, but it will accumulate with time, after which you can redeem for some PayPal cash.

Playing Games for Money

Why play a free game when you can be paid to play? Certain IPhone and android games will pay you. A great example is the cube game where you need to arrange cubes, go to head in a competition, and win.

Another type of game where you can be paid is mist play, where once you reach the limit of $15 based on the number of points you have acquired, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal.

As you can see, you could e sitting on resources to earn free PayPal money without your knowledge. As long as you have some time on your hands, then you definitely have some potential to earn and get some money into your PayPal account. Grab the opportunity, earn your points, convert your points into PayPal money, and you are good to go. Do not let opportunities pass you.